Fastimes: About Us

My story begins in 1903.  That was the year generation one, my great grandparents, opened the first Well’s Grocery in downtown Brighton.   At that time, Brighton was quite different, a hotel, a creamery, hardware store, a bank, and a couple of grocery stores.  I remember the wooden floors, pot belly stoves, and the groceries on shelves behind the counters.  Coal, kerosene, harness, feed for animals, groceries, and meats could be found in the early retail stores.  Closed on Sundays and half days on Wednesdays, life was simple.  

The second generation was my Grandaddy Verlie Wells.  During grandaddy’s lifetime he moved the store to Main Street.  Purchasing a farm on Jack Bennett Road, Grandaddy began raising cattle, hogs, and large gardens.  All of these things made their way to Wells General Store in Brighton.  We had our own meat packing plant where we learned the art of selling meat.  Salted meats, smoked hams, fresh meats, and our famous Wells Sausage were sold and taken to homes all across America.  Grandaddy Verlie died in 1953, I was only one at the time.  

The third generation was Uncle Whit Wells, Uncle Bob Wells, and my parents, Arnold and Louise Vandergrift.  One store grew to eight, the meat processing plant was expanded, added a hardware store, and added three restaurants.  Uncle Whit taught me the art of cutting meat while my daddy taught me the grocery business and my mother instilled in me the importance of discipline.  The last Wells store closed in 2007.

The fourth generation consists of myself, my sister Vannice, my brother Bryan, and many cousins.  As stores were sold, family moved on in other directions.  Bryan and Vannice were loyal to the end when the last store closed in 2007.  Vannice took over Well’s Kitchen and Bryan joined the Fastimes Management team.

Fastimes was started in 1991 when Caren and I purchased the first Fastimes on Hwy 14 from the Stafford family.  In 1995 we remodeled and added on to the existing store.  Business was good and in 2000 I brought in my future partner, Ric Morris, to help me manage Fastimes #1. 

My and Ric’s passion to serve the public has never wavered. We realize that without our customers we are just an empty building.  Our prayer is that in everything we do, we bring honor and glory to our lord.  


Jimmy Vandergrift


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him and he will make your path straight.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

Fastimes #1 

est. 1991 Vandergrift and May

6971 Hwy 14 South, Brighton, TN 38011

(901) 476-1670

Fastimes #2

est. 2004 Vandergrift and Morris

2022 Rosemark Rd, Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 837-3407

Fastimes #3

est. 2007 Vandergrift and Morris

1020 Old Hwy 51, Brighton, TN 38011

(901) 476-8040

Fastimes #5

est. 2015 Vandergrift and Morris

15903 Hwy 51, Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 837-8924

Manager –  Jennifer Hobson

Fastimes #6

est. 2017 Vandergrift and Morris

5711 Hwy 59 West, Covington, TN 38011

(901) 476-2447

Fastimes #7

est. 2021 Vandergrift and Morris

1990 Hwy 64

Whiteville ,TN 38075

(731) 403-3278

Wells & Vandergrift Family 5th Generation
Joelle May & Valerie Carver

Wells & Vandergrift Family 6th Generation
Clayton Honeycutt

Morris Family 2nd Generation
Jake Morris